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Huawei launch ‘Smart Transportation Solution’ for bus sector in Africa

Chinese telecommunications colossus Huawei is launching a 'Smart Transportation Solution' (ITS) in an attempt to resolve the ongoing issue with traffic congestions that plague major cities across the world. A distinct lack of 'smart' transportation management methods and regular road maintenance is to blame for many of these issues encountered in many urban areas and cities.

Research has suggested that every single year the economic losses caused by severe traffic congestion are catastrophic - and equate for nearly 2% of the global GDP. However, ICT leaders Huawei have teamed up with its partners to introduce the innovative 'Smart Transportation Solution' (ITS) for the commercial bus market. The system is the first of its kind and it was recently launched in Africa at a recent I-Transport and UATP Conference and Exhibition which was held in Johannesburg.

Managing Director of Huawei Enterprise South Africa, Alex Du, believes that the solution will assist bus operators and provide them with a system that will reduce maintenance costs which will subsequently enable them to offer additional value-added services, whilst improving the overall travelling experience enjoyed by customers.

Huawei have disclosed some features of the new solution and its provides a vast range of safety and security services including real-time bus health data analysis, in-bus video surveillance, accurate passenger tracking, and emergency services communication. The organization declared that all of this is achieved by enabling high-speed internet connectivity to all buses.

The ITS solution for buses forms part of Huawei's extensive intelligent transportation system ITS solutions offering, the major elements of which are:

  • Comprehensive traffic sensing system (video surveillance, traffic direction, traffic signal control, and traffic flow data collection systems)
  • Unified cloud traffic command platform
  • Intelligent traffic incident evidence collection (An e-Police system collects and computerizes accurate evidence of traffic violations)
  • Real-time traffic emergency command

The ITS solution for buses is the first in Huawei's ITS portfolio to be launched in South Africa. Other solutions will cater to taxis, trains, BRT and other forms of public transport.