• Huawei releases cloud security service management guide

    Huawei and Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) jointly released the cloud security service management guide at the CSA APAC 2018 summit held in Singapore. As the technical director of the Cyber Security and User Privacy Protection Business Management Dept. of Huawei Products & Solutions, Dr. Chen Kai, President of the CSA Cloud Security Service Management (CSSM) Working Group (WG), delivered a speech at the summit and released the guide.

  • Huawei teams with I-City to make homes more intelligent

    Huawei has formed a strategic alliance with I-City that, it says, aims to accelerate the development of the next generation of IoT intelligent homes where appliances, HVAC, lights and other home safety and security devices can be monitored, tracked and managed.

  • Italian city implements smart alert system designed to make city safer

    The stunning Italian city of Florence has introduced an innovative smart safety alert system that has been specifically designed to make cities safer. The revolutionary system has been launched by EIT Digital, which is the European Innovation and Education organization driving Europe's digital transformation.

  • Mission Critical Technologies Africa 2019 to establish smart and safe city deployments

    Co-located with AfricaCom, (12-14 November 2019), Mission Critical Technologies Africa is a dedicated conference stream that targets those involved in critical communications, and command control sectors of working cities. 

  • Munich airport to deploy AI in bid to improve efficiency and safety

    Munich Airport has announced it is partnering with German conglomerate Siemens in an effort to work on the digitalization of the airport which includes developing solutions in areas such as mobility, energy management, safety and security.

  • Singapore trials iris-scanning technology at border checkpoints

    Singapore the city-state regarded as one of the world's leadings hubs for technological innovation has commenced trials of iris-scanning technology at its border checkpoints. Singapore's immigration authority officially confirmed the trialing of the expensive technology had begun and claimed that it could one day replace fingerprint verification.

  • Smart cities projected to generate over $2 trillion worth of business opportunities by 2025

    Smart cities are predicted to create a great deal of business opportunities, projected to be valued at $2.46 trillion by 2025, a new study finds.

  • South Africa launch ‘Big Data’ summer school for research scientists

    Africa has announced that it will establish its first ever 'Big Data' summer school following the official announcement of a partnership between research organization Square Kilometer Array South Africa (SKA SA) and the South African Medical Research Council. (SAMRC)The continent's first 'Big Data' summer school will be launched in Cape Town.

  • South Africa’s ‘Smart ID cards’ set to be the most advanced in the world

    South Africa announced its plans to introduce Smart ID cards that some experts claim will be the most 'advanced' and sophisticated in the world. The announcement was made at a recent cybersecurity symposium in Johannesburg. Solutions Director of LAW-trust, Maeson Maherry has been tasked with the responsibility by government officials to implement the ambitious seven-year eID project - that will be overseen by the Department of Home Affairs.

  • The 2nd edition of Building the SMART Future 2018 conference highlights every aspect of smart cities

    Smart Cities World Forums organized the 2nd edition of its annual conference under the theme “Building the SMART Future” on December 11th, 2018 at the Meydan Hotel, Dubai, UAE.

  • Tokyo’s urban security and resilience among top in the world

    The Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Safe Cities Index 2019 has ranked Tokyo to be the safest out of 60 cities which was achieved through the analysis of the city’s infrastructure, personal security, health and digitalization. 

  • UK public express concerns over security and privacy in relation to smart cities

    A recent survey conducted on the topic of 'smart cities' in the UK - has unearthed some surprising results. Over 67% of those surveyed felt that the implementation of 'smart cities' was a bad use of public finances - and also expressed concerns over the privacy implications of 'smart cities'.

  • Unprecedented facial recognition system to be used at the 2020 Olympics

    The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will deploy a high-speed facial recognition system for all 300,000 athletes, staff members and journalists. It is an unprecedented initiative in the history of the Olympics that aims to improve safety and efficiency.

  • US expert predicts AI technology will play a key role in securing ‘smart cities’

    An AI expert employed by a leading US based computing firm has claimed that AI (Artificial Intelligence) will play a key role in securing 'smart cities' - as nations continue to pursue smart city initiatives, projects and programs on a global basis in order to improve urban living. AI can enable law enforcement units to predict where crime could potentially be carried out after collecting and subsequently analyzing data retrieved from sensors and cameras.

  • US government set to nationalise 5G amidst safety concerns from China

    The US government's scepticism and mistrust of China has been reiterated once more following reports it is set to nationalize 5G in an effort to further protect itself from the country.  It has been claimed that the US plan to construct its own 5G network and thereby nationalise a portion of the country's mobile infrastructure.

  • Zain and IBM collaborate to launch ‘Cloud Disaster Recovery’ service in Kuwait

    Zain, Kuwait's leading telecommunications company, today announced their collaboration to launch a new cloud disaster recovery service that will provide IBM and Zain's enterprise customers with cloud-based business continuity capabilities and faster disaster recovery of their critical IT systems, without incurring the infrastructure expense of a second physical site. Through the new service, customers will benefit from the added flexibility of keeping their data in-country on IBM Cloud.

  • ZTE aims to win 5G contracts from Japanese operators ahead of 2020 Olympics

    Chinese vendor ZTE is refocusing its strategic sales plan towards Japan in a bid to secure a number of lucrative 5G contracts ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

  • ZTE, Deutsche Telekom partnership develops smarter and safer cars

    ZTE, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, has developed the new smart adapter CarConnect in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom. The device now appears in a completely revised version. In addition to faster access to mobile Internet, drivers are offered new functionalities and more security.