IoT and AI deployment APAC

SP Telecom partners with Nokia to build 5G network by 2020

SP Telecom has partnered up with Nokia to enable faster go-to-market products for 5G deployment in Singapore in order to make use of a network which is equipped with intelligence functionality to replace Singapore’s existing network infrastructure.

Tata Communications launches B2B IoT marketplace

India’s Tata Communications has revealed its launch for an IoT marketplace which is aimed at linking enterprise customers with IoT service providers through a single platform in an effort to accelerate the country’s growing IoT ecosystem.

Will IoT Flat Rates Kill Revenue Assurance?

When mobile data, video and streaming plans started offering an “all-you-can-eat” menu, they included just that – unlimited usage. Regardless of the amount of data used, the concept was that the subscriber was charged a single fixed rate each month, in order to avoid overage charges and customers’ experiencing bill shock. Many in the industry believed these flat rate tariffs would alleviate the need for billing and rating validations or requiring assurance services. Instead, what transpired was a realization that the complexities of revenue assurance audits simply shifted the goal posts for revenue assurance teams to continue to deliver billing accuracy.

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