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Qualcomm unveils world’s first 5G and AI-enabled drone

Qualcomm Technologies has continued its drone leadership by unveiling the world’s first drone platform and reference design to offer both 5G and AI-capabilities.  The new solution follows the success of the Ingenuity Helicopter on Mars as a key breakthrough for unmanned flight powered by the Qualcomm Flight Platform.

NVIDIA-Google Cloud collaboration gives rise to first-ever AI-on-5G Lab

NVIDIA announced that it is partnering with Google Cloud to establish the industry’s first AI-on-5G Innovation Lab, enabling network infrastructure players and AI software partners to develop, test and adopt solutions that will help accelerate the creation of smart cities, smart factories and other advanced 5G and AI applications.

Realizing 5G’s true potential and how to unlock new revenue streams

As 5G begins to gain greater ground in today’s world, the ICT sector is beginning to realize its potential.  The possibilities, with a network like this, are unfathomable. 5G offers tremendous revenue opportunities for telcos, which include opportunities beyond the smartphone. 

Mavenir to complete 5G core solution with cloud-native architecture at MWC LA

Mavenir, a US-based Network Software Provider, and the industry's only end-to-end cloud-native vendor for CSPs, announced today its 5G Core platform, which includes a comprehensive set of 5G core functions on a containerized cloud-native platform. The decomposition of functions into these modular units provides the operators the flexibility to scale them independently; scalability and flexibility that wasn’t possible with 4G EPC.

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