• A Glimpse of a Holographic Future with Microsoft HoloLens

    A Glimpse of a Holographic Future with Microsoft HoloLens

    With a focus on modern life, Microsoft Holo Glasses will provide a totally new view of our smartphones, tablets and TVs, and be perfectly matched to the use of our digital devices. Microsoft Holo Glasses aren't just hardware, they're functional fashion, and more stylish than the geeky Google glasses were in 2013. They scale down Microsoft’s existing HoloLens 2 technology into a slim wearable that fits comfortably on the face and comes with snap-on frames that allow the swapping of styles in a minute.

  • Apple faces dilemma as cash holdings surpass entire economic output of Chile

    US tech giants Apple are the victims of its own incredible success, following a quarterly report which indicated its cash holdings, the vast majority of which is held overseas has surpassed the entire economic  out-put of Chile. Apple's stockpile of cash has reached a staggering $256.8 billion, and has sparked debate over what the technology leaders should do with such massive cash reserves.

  • Dubai completes phase one of UAE PASS Initiative

    The UAE PASS initiative, the platform which aims to bring all government services together and make them accessible via smartphone, has completed phase one of its programme.

  • Dutch town launches traffic-light pilot for pedestrians using smartphones

    Dutch authorities have launched an innovative scheme involving foot-level traffic lights which is aimed at warning pedestrians distracted by their smartphones. With pedestrians increasingly preoccupied with their devices - some are straying on to the road and into oncoming traffic. However, a Dutch town is set to roll-out a pilot project aimed at warning pedestrians of potential danger.

  • SK Telecom develops Wi-Fi technology that delivers 5G speeds

    SK Telecom announced the introduction of a new Wi-Fi technology that can deliver speed as fast as 5G technology. For the first time in South Korea, the technology successfully demonstrated speeds of up to 4.8Gbps at SK Telecom's Bundang Center.

  • Smartphone app to replace passports at Dubai International Airport

    Smart UAE Wallet, a new service introduced at Dubai International Airport, allows departing passengers to use their smartphones at the smart gates instead of their passports.

  • Smartphone start-up aims to provide connectivity for millions in rural India

    Indian telecommunications operator Reliance believes its new smartphone start-up Jio, which has produced a 'free' internet-enabled device entitled the 'JioPhone' - will bring connectivity to millions in rural parts of India.

  • Smartphones are now in 80 percent of U.S. homes, says report

    Smartphones are now in 80 percent of U.S. homes - a six percentage point increase year-over-year (YOY) - and U.S. consumers now own 27 million more smartphones than they did just last year, according to new research from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

  • Tech firm says smart cities lack disruptive wearable technology solutions

    Smartphones do not provide the disruptive technology developments needed to enable intuitive and prolonged interaction with 'smart' homes and cities, says WITgrip.

  • US-based professor claims smartphones are revolutionizing medicine

    A professor based at a University in the United States has claimed that smartphones are revolutionizing the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses due to features and applications that make their ubiquitous small screens into medical devices.