• Amazon Go to be trialed in airports

    Amazon Go to be trialed in airports

    Amazon is set to expand its cashier-less Go stores across airports, according to new reports.

  • American telco conglomerate launches cloud-service that allows you to control Wi-Fi

    American telecommunications conglomerate Comcast Corp have launched a new cloud-based service that allows users to control, manage and monitor its Wi-Fi usage. Comcast Corp which is the largest cable provider in the United States has launched the new services in an attempt to boost consumer loyalty in its broadband business.

  • Apple CEO confirms its focusing on developing technology for driverless vehicles

    Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed that the technology colossus is now focusing on the development of autonomous systems as they join the global race to develop the technology for driverless cars. In an interview with Bloomberg, Cook described the challenge of building autonomous vehicles as 'the mother of all' artificial intelligence projects.

  • Arizona lifts ban on driverless vehicles


    Uber are to resume testing their self-driving cars in Arizona after seeking permission from authorities to restart the program.

  • Austin continues to reinvent itself as it accelerates effort to become a leading ‘smart city’

    Cities all over the world are currently implementing strategies and initiatives aimed at making their city 'smarter'. The topic of smart cities is a constant theme at ICT events on a global basis, and the implementation of 'smart city' policies continues to accelerate and gain momentum. A perfect illustration of a city reinventing itself to become 'smarter' is the US city of Austin.

  • Autonomous car technology could replace Trump wall plans

    A laser-based system found in self-driving cars could be used to detect migrants crossing US borders illegally.

  • Autonomous shuttles to arrive next month for Smart City project in Denver

    Autonomous shuttles are set to arrive in Denver as part of the latest stage of developments in the creation of a futuristic smart city project called Pena Station Next. Pena Station is currently a remote and idle rail station south of Denver International Airport - but it has been chosen as the location for one of the most futuristic smart city developments in the world.

  • Chinese ridesharing firm joins race for autonomous driving by opening US research facility

    Chinese ridesharing platform Didi Chuxing has issued a real statement of intent to rivals following the organization's decision to open a research hub in US tech capital Silicon Valley. The Didi Labs center will be located in Mountain View, which is also the home of Google. A statement released by the Chinese company confirmed that it will research facility will focus on 'intelligent driving technologies'.

  • Customers at US bank can now withdraw cash at ATM with their smartphone

    Customers at a leading American financial institution can now withdraw money from an ATM by using their smartphone. Wells Fargo have introduced card-less ATMs across the US in a massive digital push. Depositors from Well Fargo can extract cash from any of its branded ATMs - which is another indicative measure of US lenders desire to move away from traditional forms of banking into a new era of digitization.

  • Experts forecast IoT spending to hit $745bn

    The International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Semiannual Internet of Things Spending Guide has predicted worldwide spending of Internet of Things (IoT) will reach $745 billion in 2019.

  • Five US cities complete American Cities Climate Challenge

    Albuquerque, Austin, Denver, Orlando and San Antonio have all been selected as the final five winners of Bloomberg’s America Cities Climate Challenge.

  • Google to collaborate with Lime for a ‘cleaner planet’

    Google have announced they are partnering with bike rental company Lime.

  • Gunshot detection technology to be introduced as part of Smart City project

    ShotSpotter which provides incredible technology for sound detection of gunshots has revealed it has engaged in talks with Current by GE to include its sensors in streetlights in Smart City initiatives all over the world.

    Shot Spotter is already in over 90 cities across the US - and law enforcement officials say it's now a critical tool for them as they attempt to fight violent crime which has devastated many neighborhoods in America.

  • How can US start-up connect two European cities?

    A US start-up company has disclosed its lofty ambitions to create a 'supersonic' rail transport system which would connect two major European cities.

    Hyper-Loop Transit Technologies (HTT) publicly announced that it had reached an agreement to carry out a feasibility study into the prospect of implementing a supersonic hyper-loop rail system between the European cities of Brno (Czech Republic) and Bratislava (Slovakia).

  • Investigation into fatal Tesla autopilot crash finds no defect in vehicle

    An investigation conducted by the US Transportation Department following a fatal crash involving a Tesla car on autopilot has established that there were no defects found in the system of the vehicle.

  • Japanese multinational company to open security operations center in US

    A leading Japanese multinational IT services provider has setup a security operations center in California as part of its effort to combat against the rising number of cybersecurity attacks and hacking scandals currently blighting the IT sector. NEC Corporation announced that specialized security company Infosec Corporation which is owned by the NEC Group will open the center in Santa Clara, California. It is expected that the construction on this new project will start in April, 2017.

  • New York, LA and Chicago named as the ‘smartest cities’ in the US

    A report formed to establish which cities in the United States were the 'smartest' - has found that New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are the country's leading 'smart cities'. The report examined smart cities in North America and the research was conducted by ABI Research.

  • Nokia selected by US city to supply mission-critical communications network

    Nokia has been selected by Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) to enhance the microwave communications network that supports a range of mission-critical services for the utility's power transmission and distribution grid. The new network, based on packet microwave technology, is intended to support power delivery and reliability for KCP&L's more than 800,000 customers in and around Kansas City, Missouri as well as parts of neighboring state of Kansas.

  • Qualcomm and AT&T to provide IoT solutions for ‘smart bike’ firm

    Chinese 'smart bike' sharing service Mobike has announced that it will use IoT technology solutions from US chipmaker Qualcomm and telecommunications colossus AT&T in a bid to accelerate its expansion plans in the United States.

  • San Antonio forms “R&D League” to improve city’s operations

    San Antonio has founded the “R&D League” in partnership with Southwest Research Institute, the United Services Automobile Association and the University of Texas to help residents via technology.