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Apple faces dilemma as cash holdings surpass entire economic output of Chile

US tech giants Apple are the victims of its own incredible success, following a quarterly report which indicated its cash holdings, the vast majority of which is held overseas has surpassed the entire economic  out-put of Chile. Apple's stockpile of cash has reached a staggering $256.8 billion, and has sparked debate over what the technology leaders should do with such massive cash reserves.

ITU Focus Group ‘exceeds expectations’ with delivery of 85 policy recommendations on Digital Financial Inclusion

The key findings and policy recommendations made by the ITU Focus Group on Digital Financial Services following the conclusion of its extensive two-year consultation process have been hailed by stakeholders across the ICT and financial-services sectors as an 'incredible success'. The ITU Focus Group presented its 85 'policy recommendations' at a workshop entitled 'Digital Financial Services and Financial Inclusion' hosted by the World Bank in Washington D.C. on 19 April.

ITU to highlight policy recommendations on Digital Financial Services at World Bank event in Washington

The ITU will present the key findings of its Focus Group at a Workshop on 'Digital Financial Services and Financial Inclusion' - which will be hosted by the World Bank in Washington DC, on April 19th. The event has been organized by the ITU and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The workshop provides the opportunity for the Focus Group to highlight the 85 policy recommendations it has made following its extensive two-year consultation research project.

Ministerial working group established to develop Brazil’s ‘Digital Strategy’

A ministerial working group has been established - and is tasked with the responsibility of developing the Brazilian Digital Strategy. The group held its first meeting in the last few days - and has been given sixty working days to establish guidelines designed to boost the digital economy and define the basis and role of the EDB.

Canadian robo-advisory start-up receives investment in bid to enter US market

A Canadian robo-adviser start-up has received a significant investment in a bid to boost its chances of successfully penetrating the already saturated U.S. market. Wealthsimple announced the investment of $20 million from Power Financial Corp and formally launched its operations in the US.

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