• AI will benefit businesses by tracking ‘hidden inefficiencies’

    On Wednesday, at AI Everything in Dubai, a panel discussion took place which consisted of people from a variety of different sectors and they spoke about how AI could improve businesses.

  • BMW may manufacture its new ‘electric Mini car’ outside of the UK due to Brexit

    BMW has revealed that it is considering manufacturing its new electric Mini vehicle outside of the UK due to the uncertainty following the country's decision to exit the EU. A source close to the car manufacturing giant claims that BMW executives will make a decision on the location for the manufacturing of its new electric model by the end of September.

  • British luxury car manufacturer announces new electrification facility

    British luxury carmakerAston Martin has officially announced that its second major UK manufacturing facility will become the brand's centre for electrification - and the production home of the Lagonda brand, the world's first zero-emission luxury marque.

  • Dyson to construct EV manufacturing facility in Singapore

    Dyson confirmed that its board has ratified a decision to construct its first advanced automotive manufacturing facility in Singapore. The bespoke two-storey manufacturing facility is scheduled for completion in 2020.

  • Epicor launches new AI-based digital agent

    Epicor has announced the release of a new AI-based digital agent, the Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA), which promotes business growth and aims to help users work smarter and accelerate the pace of business operations.

  • German car manufacturer expands its battery factory in China

    The BMW Group continues to drive the expansion of electro-mobility as part of its Strategy NUMBER ONE > NEXT. To achieve this, the company is adapting its production structures to growing demand for fully and partially electrified vehicles. Just seven months after opening its battery factory in China, the BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA) joint venture today laid the foundation for a comprehensive expansion of the plant. At the “High-Voltage Battery Centre Phase II”, BBA will produce the new, more powerful batteries of the fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology for the fully-electric BMW iX3. Starting in 2020, the BMW iX3 will be built at the neighbouring BBA plant Dadong.

  • German car manufacturer to invest $735m in electric vehicles in China

    German car manufacturer Daimler has announced that it plans to invest $735m in electric vehicle production in China. In a statement issued to the press, Daimler announced that alongside its Chinese joint venture partner BAIC Motor Corporation will jointly invest 5 billion yuan ($735M) in the pursuit of battery electric vehicle production in China by 2020. In addition to this, it further disclosed its commitment to provide the infrastructure that is required.

  • Hyundai to develop ‘long-distance’ electric car in effort to compete with Tesla

    South Korean car manufacturing colossus Hyundai has confirmed that it is currently working on developing a 'long distance' electric car in an effort to compete with Tesla and other rivals in the electric automotive sector.

  • Locally manufactured devices key to fueling India IoT growth

    A prominent executive for Samsung Electronics in India has claimed that locally manufactured devices are critical to fueling the projected explosion of IoT technologies in the country.

  • Nokia and FAW Group collaborate for digital transformation of Chinese automotive sector

    Nokia and FAW Group signed an MoU to pursue a research project on smart connected cars, industrial IoT, digital transformation and smart manufacturing.

  • Nokia helps fuel Industry 4.0 in Saudi Arabia

    Since its inception in Saudi Arabia in 2001, Nokia, the leading global telco, has been supporting operators throughout the Kingdom to enhance their network performance and unique offerings such as data, voice and video applications.

  • Research projects that AI will replace 40m jobs in China by 2030

    New research compiled has projected that AI will replace between 40-50 million full-time jobs in the country over the next fifteen years. The report stated that it was imperative the China's labor market be prepared to adapt to the challenges brought on by the rapid development of AI and automation.

  • SAS and NVIDIA join forces for AI development

    SAS and NVIDIA have announced a new partnership which aims to help organizations bring artificial intelligence (AI) into their businesses.

  • Telefonica and Mercedes-Benz to use 5G network in ‘Factory 56’ plant

    Telefonica Germany has said that it is currently in talks with Mercedes-Benz for a 5G mobile network which will be used to produce vehicles at the automaker’s Factory 56 plant in Sindelfingen, Germany.

  • Tesla CEO claims half a million reservations made on new Model 3 car

    Tesla CEO, Elon Musk has claimed that there has been close to half a million reservations on the eagerly anticipated Model 3. Musk made the comments as the US-based electric car manufacturer released the first 30 Model 3 vehicles to employee buyers.

  • The transformational power of telecommunications

    The telecommunications sector has always been at the forefront of innovation in the way that it has been connecting people and driving digital transformation in other industries for decades. Telcos have helped businesses all over the world to comprehend and unlock their full potential through digitalization. It has a proven track-record of being the ultimate key enabler in advancing the commercial world into the fourth industrial revolution.

  • Toyota to begin mass production of electric vehicles in China by 2019

    Japanese multinational car manufacturer, Toyota Motor Corp has confirmed that it will begin its production of electric vehicles on a mass scale in China by 2019. In addition to this, the automotive colossus which is headquartered in Aichi, declared that the electric model it plans to produce will be manufactured for the Chinese market solely.

  • US carmaker meets its sustainability goals eight years ahead of schedule

    Ford Motor Company announces as part of its 19th annual Sustainability Report it has met its goal to reduce manufacturing emissions – eight years ahead of schedule.

  • US software giant launches Internet of Things lab in Europe

    US software company Microsoft has formally announced that it will open a new Internet of Things (IoT) lab in Munich, Germany. Industrial companies in Europe are bolstering efforts to modernize production with sensors and software - and Microsoft has recognized a gap in the market to grab a portion of the spending.

  • US tech giant invests in electric vehicle startup

    US e-commerce behemoth Amazon has become the latest technology leader to join the self-driving race following its decision to invest $700m in an electric vehicle startup company.