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Vodafone introduces first virtual cooking experience using AR

Taking the cooking experience to a whole new level, Vodafone Germany has partnered with Nreal, a provider of augmented and mixed reality smart glasses, and celebrity TV chef Steffen Henssler, to launch Giga AR, a virtual reality cooking experience, highlighting the possibilities of mixed reality in daily living.

With Giga AR there will no longer be the need to refer to recipe books while cooking as the device will enable users to follow instructions from a professional chef.  Step-by-step recipes will be guided by integrated eye control and users can choose to pause, skip or repeat just by controlling their gaze.

Users also have the option of choosing from Kitchen Stories, a digital video-based cooking platform, or they can opt for Steffen Henssler to personally accompany them in virtual form with exclusive recipes.

"Today, we are taking the next step in augmented reality – and showing what the technology can do. Together with Nreal, Steffen Henssler and Kitchen Stories, we are creating the first virtual cooking experience in digitally augmented reality," said Hannes Ametsreiter, CEO of Vodafone Germany.

Vodafone had announced the launch of Nreal light glasses to consumers and businesses across Europe in December. Nreal Light will launch first in Germany and Spain during Spring 2021, with other Vodafone markets to follow.

Virtual reality headsets are known to have extremely high latency that causes delay in responding to users’ actions. However, Vodafone’s low-latency 5G allows actions to be recognised and responded almost instantaneously, giving way to new possibilities in virtual reality.

Vodafone Germany will be offering the Nreal Light in a bundle with the OPPO Find X3 Pro Smartphone. For a short time, this will include access to Giga AR Chef with prices starting at just 1 euro on selected RED tariffs.