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Moscow’s smart building project hopes to be a game-changer

Moscow’s smart building project hopes to be a game-changer

Employee supervision systems, digital passports for builders, video surveillance systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, digitally controlled disposal of construction and demolition waste, and many other things will be an integral part of the smart construction site in Moscow, according to Eduard Lysenko, minister of the government of Moscow and head of the city’s department of Information technology.

A statement released by the department states that the Moscow authorities have launched the practical stage of an experiment aimed at creating a "smart" construction site as a component of the "smart" city.

The "smart" construction site will utilize various modern information technologies to automate on-site processes, while also reducing construction time and identifying and preventing emergencies and accidents at an early stage.

Commenting on the development, Lysenko said that the introduction of "smart" solutions in the city’s building sites will take the construction industry to a fundamentally new level. He also stated that the site will use aerial photography using drones to collect large volumes of data and high-quality of information.

As per the statement, new technology for digital duplication of the operational activities of employees is currently being tested at one of the construction sites in the Metrogorodok district. The implementation of the technology is expected to increase labor productivity by monitoring the compliance of operations performed with current job tasks, monitoring the builders’ ratio of active to idle time and help prevent accidents at work, and reduce potential safety and occupational health risks.

The pilot project is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2021. All the data generated from this project will be aggregated in the digital passport of the capital construction project, as per the statement.