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TRA Oman accelerates plans for 5G vertical industry applications

The Oman Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has held a workshop to accelerate the development of 5G connectivity in the Sultanate, leveraging the latest technologies from around the world to spur national competitiveness in line with Oman Vision 2040.

Here’s why fully-fledged smart cities need 5G

Many cities, all over the world, are working towards becoming ‘smart’. The use of data, AI-powered cameras, IoT-powered technologies, smart management systems, connected devices and even smart street infrastructure are all being developed and deployed to improve services and the quality of life for residents through automation and data analytics.

IoT revenue set to double in Middle East and Africa by 2023

The Middle East and Africa (MEA) region has seen an accelerated development in Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Even though it is still adopted in limited verticals, stakeholders are exploring and identifying key areas of growth.

A ‘Brighter’ future with Actiste IoT healthcare solution

Brighter is a health-tech company from Sweden, founded in 2007, with a vision to improve quality of life and reduce the complications of chronic diseases. Brighter developed ‘Actiste’, the world’s first unified diabetes care device with a mobile-connected service for monitoring and treating insulin-dependent diabetes. It is a pocket-sized device that combines the necessary functions for daily diabetes care and shares the data with healthcare providers. At GITEX technology week, Ericsson showcased Actiste as an example of how IoT solutions are being used in healthcare. Telecom Review secured an interview with Petra Kaur, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer of Brighter, to find out more about how this will contribute to science and help to reduce the burden on healthcare systems around the world.

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