IoT and AI deployment MENA

The unfathomable potential of the Internet of Underwater Things

Oceans occupy just over 70% of our planet and pose a great many benefits for humankind. Some of these benefits include climate regulation, medicine, food, recreation and many others, essentially fueling the incomes of several major industries. Ocean-based businesses contribute to around $500 billion to the global economy. The Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT) can be increasingly valuable for humanity’s quest to tackle environmental issues.

5G’s impact on consumerism

5G, one of the most prominent modern leaps in emerging technology, brings with it the promise of efficiency and real-time services. This highly anticipated 5G wireless network technology is expected to be so powerful that it will enable the mass production of highly anticipated autonomous cars, virtual reality in real time, download speeds which are ten times faster than what we are used to and the list goes on.

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