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ADDA showcases innovative solutions for government services at ‘ADDATHON AI’

Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA) has successfully held the ‘ADDATHON Artificial Intelligence’ in Abu Dhabi as it moves ahead with its plans to further enhance government services and meet the continuing needs of the Abu Dhabi community through innovation using Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies.

The event was held in line with the key targets and strategies of the UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence.

Featuring various innovative case studies using AI and how the technology has brought many benefits to the delivery of government services within the Emirate, the event hosted government entities, startups and academic institutions in Abu Dhabi to explore the innovative solutions that can be applied to government projects and services which are aimed at facilitating the needs of people and enhancing their experiences.

Abdulla Al Kendi, Executive Director of Technology and Policies at ADDA, said, “ADDA continues to explore the potentials of AI technologies and how various government entities can use it in creating advanced government services for the community. ‘ADDATHON Artificial Intelligence’ provided a fitting platform to explore these opportunities, while also increasing the awareness about the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including their role in addressing challenges in vital sectors.”

He noted that Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies are key to innovation and is an essential factor when it comes to developing new systems and pioneering solutions that will further enhance government services. He added that ADDATHON AI was also held to stimulate the interest and encourage talented individuals and young Emiratis to tap into their creativity and innovation skills.

Abdulla Al Kendi explained, “We presented the latest technologies such as AI, machine learning, Internet of Things, and blockchain during the event as these technologies, especially AI, can greatly improve the processes of government services delivered to customers. Modern technologies are key to developing leading government services following the digital transformation strategy of the Emirate, which is focused on developing smart solutions that enhance the efficiency in government services.”

He underscored that the event opened new opportunities for young Emirati talents to look into developing new systems and software that offer better solutions to customers, with the end goal of addressing key challenges in important sectors and making a positive impact on customers’ experiences, thereby raising the quality of life of individuals and increasing the happiness of the community.

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