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Hitachi demonstrates AI-enabled robots helping passengers at train stations

Hitachi has envisioned how train stations of the future could transform passenger experience with the concept of deploying robots enabled by Artificial Intelligence. The robots would guide passengers to their train and offer real-time information on departures and arrivals. Hitachi unveiled the concept in the UK following its trial elsewhere across the globe.

Hitachi began trialing robot technology with the public at a Tokyo airport in 2017. The robot was able to communicate in multiple languages and offer information to passengers. The robot used artificial intelligence and was connected to a central computer system to gain information about what was taking place at the airport.

Due to the fact Japan’s rail sector has been experiencing stagnating transport revenue along with difficulties transferring skills to new workers, Hitachi intervened to help the industry tap into hidden growth potential by responding to new demands and the increasingly diverse attitudes of today’s rail users.

As a comprehensive rail solutions provider, Hitachi has responded with the presentation and collaborative creation of digital technology-driven solutions designed to address the issues and needs of Japan’s rail service operators.