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Iceland deploys ‘fast chargers’ to cope with country’s adoption of electric vehicles

Iceland has been forced to deploy new 'fast charging' infrastructure across its capital Reykjavik, following the rapid increase and adoption of electric vehicles in the country. Iceland's government has been aggressively pursuing the electrification in its transport sector, and Icelandic motorists are acutely aware of the benefits of moving away from fossil-fuel powered cars towards clean electric vehicles.

French city invests in revolutionary charging technology for electric buses

The French city of Nantes has announced that it has invested in revolutionary charging technology for its fleet of electric buses which will be deployed in the forthcoming months. The innovative new public transportation service will be operated by the city's public transport operator.

Major cities of the world commit to zero emissions from 2025

Some of the world's biggest cities have pledged their commitment to protect the environment and rid their cities of harmful fossil fuels by agreeing to deploy zero emissions buses from 2025. Twelve major cities will introduce the environmentally-friendly vehicles to its transportation systems from 2025, in a bid to make major areas of their cities 'fossil fuel free' by 2030.

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