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RTA applies augmented reality for Dubai Tram maintenance

As part of its commitment to using technologies that serve time and effort as well as punctuality of operational processes, Road Transport Authority (RTA) is using augmented reality (AR) in the maintenance of the Dubai Tram.

The process establishes an audio-visual communication between the remote maintenance expert and the technician at the site. The procedure ensures the delivery of the required periodic or corrective maintenance processes of the Tram.

Through the technology, the tram maintenance can be carried out via the internet using a sophisticated camera fitted with a speaker held by the attending maintenance technician to ease the exchange of information between the two parties. It will improve the efficiency of maintenance operations, reduce the time of fixing faults and accordingly expedite the restoration of the tram service.

The use of AR technology reduces the number of technical staff on-site, which meets the physical distancing protocol adopted to fight the spread of COVID-19 in the UAE. It reflects the agility of RTA’s operations to maintain a smooth workflow and service continuity.