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Toronto inaugurates on-street charging station pilot for EVs

Toronto has launched an on-street electric vehicle (EV) charging station pilot in cooperation with the electric utility Toronto Hydro.

The Canadian city will see the deployment of seventeen on-street EV charging stations in various locations through an agreement between Toronto Hydro and charging station manufacturer, Flo.

There has been a growth in demand for EVs in Toronto. In 2016, there were just 1600 EVs being used in Toronto and in 2018, there were over 6200 EVs. In fact, in a poll which was carried out in preparation of this initiative found that 71% of the respondents (who were also residents of the city) were likely to purchase an EV within the next five years, with more respondents stating that they would feel more inclined to purchase an EV if charging station were made more widely available.

The charging station pilot will be assessed through the use of data and feedback from EV owners and the community.

All EV owners with a level two connection on their vehicle will be able to use the charging station and once permit parking regulations are accepted and enforced, permit holder will be able to park their EVs in these spots overnight.

The collaboration between the City of Toronto and Toronto Hydro, EV charging rates were devised, ensuring that these prices were competitive with the cost of other public charging stations in the city.

Toronto mayor John Tory, said, “Addressing climate change has been a top priority for our city. By adopting emerging, sustainable and environmentally sensible technologies, Toronto has become a leader in its efforts in addressing the ongoing climate crisis.”

Adding that, “The EV charging station pilot is yet another example of our city’s ability to introduce programs that will make it easier for residents to become environmentally-friendly and for our city to reduce its carbon footprint. While we continue to navigate the unprecedented times of a global pandemic, we must also remain diligent in our commitment to finding ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”